Bookkeeping Blog Roundup for October 29, 2013

Bookkeeping Blog Round Roundup for March 20, 2013

Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to bookkeeping and small business financial management. Feel free to visit each post. We hope you find them as informative and helpful as we do!

Factors That Affect Your Cash Flow

By: Lisa Davis for Liquid

Besides accounts payable and accounts receivable, there are other factors affecting your business’s cash flow. Inventory as well as the company’s credit policies will also influence the flow of cash in and out of a business. To reduce cash flow gaps and improve business, it’s important for small businesses to understand all aspects of the cash flow equation.

Six Essential Steps To Budget Your Business In A Better Way

By: Richard White for Tweak Your Biz

When a business has a budgeting system in place, the company is better prepared to forecast cash flow, identify opportunities for growth, and measure the company’s progress. As we near the end of the year, it’s time for businesses to start thinking ahead to building next year’s budget. Here are six steps your business can follow to help get you through the budgeting process.

It’s Q4: Cut Costs to Boost Year-End Profits

By: Donna Marie Thompson for The Huffington Post

With October drawing to a close, many business owners are shifting their attention to year-end bonuses, 2013 taxes, and the upcoming 2014 budget. While it’s easy to let the remainder of the year slip away, it’s important to remain focused on closing a successful fourth quarter. Q4 is a time for businesses to review their current expenditures to see if there are any corners to be cut. A review of both accounts receivable and accounts payable is also in order. Tying up any loose ends helps to save money and boost profits before the end of the fiscal year.

How to Stretch a Small Business Budget

By: Stephanie Taylor Christensen for Intuit

If you’ve gotten this far into 2013 without any real budgetary surprises, then your company has done a great job of staying on top of its finances.  However, limitations in the budget can sometimes mean limitations on business processes or growth opportunities. Here are a few ideas to help businesses with small budgets to get the most out of their limited resources.

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Good afternoon I work for a bookkeeping company in Connecticut and enjoy reading the blogs on your site. Great job picking out a diverse array of posts that are so informative. Love how you have all the best blogs in one place.




Why thank you, Kyle! We are pleased you enjoy our blog.

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